Cathy O’Neil

Cathy has been an independent data science consultant since 2012 and has worked for clients including the Illinois Attorney General’s Office and Consumer Reports. She wrote the book Doing Data Science in 2013 and Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality And Threatens Democracy, released in September 2016.

Tom Adams

Thomas Adams has over twenty-five years of business and legal experience.  He has represented banks, companies and individuals on corporate, securities and business law matters.  He also provided strategic advice, litigation support and expert witness testimony on issues relating to the financial crisis.  Mr. Adams is an expert in creating solutions and solving problems for complex financial and corporate transactions and has provided strategic advice and analysis to banks, insurance companies, private equity companies, hedge funds and a variety of other companies.  He graduated from Fordham Law School in 1989 and Colgate University in 1986. He is admitted to practice in New York.